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Thursday, June 7, 2012

on irrigation and irritation

OK, I'm all done whining...for now.

Still very few to no calls going on - how can this many people stay so healthy?  We need a good lightning strike, or emu attack, or...

So we had our weekly training night and 'cause I was the idiot who brought up the subject of wound irrigation last week, Mr. Medic said, "well great!  Next week, Ambulance Ranger will be doing the teaching on the wound care protocol."

Should have kept my big mouth shut.

Actually, though, we had a ton of fun.  We kinda McGyvered what we thought would be the best pressure-irrigation setup out of what we had - syringe, 18 guage IV catheter, IV tubing, and normal saline.  Floyd will no longer go on any runs unless there's a wound to irrigate.

Actually, the whole thing became a lesson in 'how to spike an IV' - something I was pretty sure everyone already had done several times.  Apparently not.  I think we got it down by the end of class.

We took the last 15 minutes to play with the ring cutters.  Found out that only one of them actually worked.  This is the stuff we need to do more of.  Every week we work on moving patients, backboarding, c-collaring, KED use, etc.  Which yes, we do need to practice.  But we gotta do the 'fun' stuff too, or people get bored.

On call this weekend, so no beers for me :( - just hope those tones go off and I'm actually needed and wanted on a call.

[crossing fingers]

Otherwise I swear, I'm going back to playing World of Warcraft...

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