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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Decision made: Paramedic

Yep.  Bailed on the AEMT class.

Was chatting with my sister about the 6 week plus clinical AEMT class.
She listened.
"Why are you doing this?"
"Doing what?" I replied.
"Screwing around with EMS.  You want to be a paramedic.  Find a class and go be a paramedic."

Darn it if, she's not right on.

Why take the time and expense of getting certified as an AEMT when I can just kick ass at paramedic school?  So here I go.  Looking around for a course ANYWHERE nearby.  Closest university course is 200 miles each way...

My Background:
I have a B.A. degree, two actually.  And an A.A. degree.  And I'm working on my M.S.  I don't need to take Math and English 101.  (I am, however, doing self-study medical terminology on  I'm also working through two A&P textbooks)

WFR (not current)
WFA (not current)
EMR for a year
EMT for 6 months

My Requirements for a Class:
Not an extremely "compressed" class - I need a decent amount of time to absorb, ponder, study, practice (we have an assortment of training equipment at our location so I can practice skills - no "sim man" but plenty of disembodied parts lying around.)
Distance learning (need to keep my job)
Excellent recommendations/reviews from students and professionals
Not too pricey
OK with the Pit Boss (our EMS Director) = a place to work as a paramedic once I finish
Somewhere local to do clinical hours

Try doing a search for "online paramedic program" - OY!  I sorted through mountains of "Paramedic to RN online.  Fast! Cheap!" ads, looking for a gem in the gravel.  I found a couple.

Jems had a list of accredited paramedic programs, which I went through for all the surrounding states:
Unfortunately, no brick-and-mortar program within commuting distance.

Also kept getting referred back to the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP):
But didn't find much good info on programs.

New York Methodist Hospital looks promising:
M,Tu,W 1830-2200 EST
518 didactic
572 clinical
3 trips to NY (8 days each)
Tuition: $9,750

National Medical Education and Training Center (NMETC)
Tu, Th 1900-2200 EST
??? didactic (10 months, about 42 weeks)
500 clinical
1 trip to MA (100 hrs skills training & evaluation)
Tuition: $7,995

PERCOM - looked OK, but clinicals have to be done in Texas - might work for someone who lived closer...
Unknown days

??? didactic
??? clinical

Unknown number of trips to TX
Tuition: $4,500

Found several more sites, but most required either too much time on location, or seemed kinda shady - like diploma mills.  I realize I will get out of whatever class I decide on with the skills and education I push myself to learn.  So here I go.

Mr. Medic is good with this.
Pit Boss is fine with it.  He's looking into local options for clinicals.

NMETC it is.

Searching for a way to raise $8,000 tuition in less than 2 months.  Wish me luck.

(too bad I'm not prettier - hookers make good money, don't they?)

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  1. did you start medic school? go with nmetc? i start sept 2014 so looking for feedback... how is it?