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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Long-overdue update

Well, as I've said before, I really need to make more time to write.  Just seems that between work, paramedic school, helping with EMT class, and travel, my blogging fell off the desk.

It's been a rough few months.  I lost my beloved grandfather and a good friend.  Both died fairly healthy, both at home, and didn't deal with lingering debilitating health issues.  How they would have wanted, I think.  I miss them dearly.

I somehow thought the holidays would be a great time to catch up on course work - ha!  Aside from my paramedic courses, I'm supposed to be working through this self-paced A&P class.  Well, I did crack the book and make it to Chapter 3 (of 24) before getting a not-so-gentle reminder from my medic school that they need the transcripts from my A&P class.  Gulp.  I dusted off the book and made myself a study plan.  Hope to be done by the end of February.

In 'medic school we have survived 4 months of class (wow - it's really gone fast!)
Just to refresh, here's the total schedule:

We have made it through the intro, pharmacology, and airway - just started cardiology last week. Cardiology is the big hurdle...though I feel like I'm forever behind in all things. 
Practicing my intubation, IV starts, and med administration on our manequins here.  Though I was told not to practice until we get to skills boot camp in August (really?).  I need to get hands-on with the equipment and I've got Mr. Medic showing me the ropes.  We have a ton of expired meds and IV fluid so I get to practice a ton.  Need to play with the IO drill as well...

So much to do!  Will write more soon, promise!

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