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Friday, February 15, 2013

When do I stop being a newbie?

So I'm helping out a bit with our EMT class this winter.

(We live differently up here - tons of vacationers in the summer, very little in the winter.  Dang I hate generalities.  Lemme check the stats...200 calls in July, 30 in January.  That should give you an idea.)

So we have our classes in the winter during down-time.  I was assisting with an assessment station the other day and found myself saying, "well, there can be a difference between what you learn for the NREMT and what we do on calls..."

People are asking me questions, looking to me for the "right" answer.  What we really do out there with sick people.  My experiences.  My stories.

Did I stop being a newbie?  I don't know it all.  Not even close.  Every day I learn more and realize I really know nothing.  I certainly still feel new.

We had a guest instructor, a guy I respect a whole bunch, who said, "I really felt like a good EMT after I finished EMT-I, and like a good EMT-I once I finished Paramedic school."

Totally.  I could not agree more.  We are about halfway done with didactic in 'medic school and I finally feel like I can function as a decent EMT.  But still have more to learn.  More experience to glean.

I had better go study some more...

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