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Friday, March 15, 2013

OK, I'm hooked!

I have just always liked reality shows, particularly about "normal" people going about their lives in countries I don't know enough about.  So I started watching
this TV show about paramedic recruits in Australia.

When I first heard the trailer, it said they train for 8 weeks at college.
How can you learn to be a paramedic in 8 weeks?

Oh, but then you have a THREE YEAR internship.  Wow.

Watching this also makes me realize how far I have to go.

Watch Episode 1 of Recruits: Paramedics

What did we ever do before YouTube?
(Apparently it was released on DVD as well)

Wiki says:
Recruits: Paramedics is an Australian factual television program that premiered on Network Ten on 6 October 2011. It follows the work lives of new recruit paramedics in Australia, showing some of the content of their 8 week preliminary theory course, as well as clips from their first shifts on the front line. To date, 13 episodes have aired. Recruits Paramedics follows the journey of everyday people setting out to achieve a lifelong ambition to become a paramedic. Offering unique insights into the high pressure world of paramedics, we are taken into the everyday lives of new recruits as they transform their overpowering motivation to save lives into reality.


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