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Monday, March 17, 2014

Distance learning...frustrated with the process

The learning part (didactic) was great.  Going to Paramedic Base Camp was great.
Trying to get someone in rural America (within driving distance) to sign on for my clinical internship took months.  Even after almost a year of pre-planning and discussion.  First choice backed out at the 11th hour, second choice did not communicate well.

Getting intubations was nearly impossible.  I'll save the gory details for later, but approximately 3 months elapsed from my last clinical shift to the week at the Big Eastern hospital OR I had to travel to in order to get my 10 tubes.

Field internship is not proving easy to navigate, either.  Had the site set up over a year ago, and just now am finding out that my school needs to be licensed in the State for me to do my field time (which they are not).

I haven't had the heart to tally my expenses so far, but for you, gentle reader, I will do it and get you an update.  Let's just say that Big Credit Card Companies are in love with me right now, and my diet is far less varied than it used to be.

I'll try to be upbeat in my next posts, but for now I'm just bummed.

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