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Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekly Roundup - Tax Week 4/18/2014

My apologies to you, gentle reader, (I'm sure there is at least one person who reads this blog, surely?) and I apologize for the "Weekly Roundup" being the only thing you hear from the Ambulance Ranger these days.  More content to come, I promise.
The short update?
Lots of calls, then none.
Still plodding through Paramedic internship.
Still studying.
Still working.
yep, that's pretty much it.  Hope you enjoy this week's finds:

I think I will link to the NEW Ferno iNX stretcher every week.  Forever.  Or until we get a grant to buy them for our service.  Then I will post videos of us using them.  Or at least a picture of me sleeping on one.

Teaching tips - that awful moment when you realize everyone's asleep...

Blood pressure - how to do it the right way

I know a couple people who would be great at motorcycle medicine...

Strokes, under-diagnosed:
"Analyzing federal health care data, a team of researchers led by a Johns Hopkins specialist concluded that doctors overlook or discount the early signs of potentially disabling strokes in tens of thousands of American each year, a large number of them visitors to emergency rooms complaining of dizziness or headaches."

Furosemide - No, No, and No

Specifically targeting abdominal pain, another sacred cow gets slain:
"In this era of iPods and digital media, EMS pain management seems stuck in the days of boom boxes and cassette tapes. It’s time we tossed the old attitudes about pain management, like those old boom boxes, into the dustbin of history."

$40 that might save your life, via Kelly Grayson - LET RESPONDERS FIND YOU!
The porch lights flashing switch is very cool, and something I had not seen:

Kelly has been busy this week!  Great podcast discussion with Chris Cebollero on hot topics, clinical issues, and operational leadership lessons:

And finally, a shout-out to our awesome dispatchers (you know who they are, the ones when you hear their voice on the line you KNOW you will be taken care of for your shift)

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