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Sunday, July 31, 2011


So I work a regular job.  This week I escorted around a group from an African park, putting in tens of extra hours.  And on top of that, EMS runs requiring 3-4 hours round trip transport time.

Not too bad, got to actually attend a patient last night under the watchful eye of Mr. Medic. Crushing abdominal pain, diffuse over both lower quadrants.  Mr. Medic asked most of the questions and let me play with the equipment - setting up the monitor, attaching 12 lead electrodes, taking vitals.  Didn't screw too much up - aside from putting in the nasal cannula upside down...

So it's Sunday.  The Saturday night run lasted from 2352 - 0330.  Finally chilled out and got to sleep around 0430.  Woke at 0930 and ran around trying to do chores.  Called Mr. Medic around 1400 to arrange a time to meet and put together our new monitors.  He will meet me when he's gotten his drugs re-stocked at the clinic.  30 seconds later he calls for me to grab the ambulance - turns out he walked in behind a cardiac patient who needs to go to the hospital.  So I play ambulance driver once again.  Didn't get back home until 2000.  Trying to chill out again and get some sleep - gotta be to work at eight.  I think I might be too old for this.

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