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Thursday, December 15, 2011

No calls, lots of ambulance work, and something of a personal life

Yep.  No calls. Been weeks now.
HOWEVER our winter season just 'officially' started, so you never know.

We are still working on kitting out the new ambulance.  It surprises me how much minutiae is required to get it right!  Have had tons of help, but true to fashion Mr. Medic is securely working his tush off on it.  Here's the "to do" list (in no particular order):
  • Wash
  • Apply striping and decals (just a big white box right now)
  • set up strap system for backboards
  • set up strap system for stair chair
  • mount wall holders for protocol books
  • mount glove holders (waiting on shipment)
  • draw supplies from stock
  • organize supplies
  • set up bins for supplies (when they are delivered)
  • label bins
  • label ambulance (informational labels for radio, etc.)
  • set up 2 spare portable O2 bags
  • install trash can
  • set up spare portable suction (ambo manufacturer forgot to send the new one)
  • arrange forward compartment (waiting on extra shelf hardware from manufacturer)
  • set up manual BP
  • order duffel bags for c-spine supplies
one very dirty, very white ambulance

coolest backboard retention strap system EVER (designed and sewed by A. Ranger herself)

closeup of the strap system - holds each backboard separately
 so they don't all fall out when the first strap is released

To make matters more interesting, Effie goes in for warranty work today, so we need to get the new rig set up for us to use on runs.  Going to be a busy night.

Headed off toward Arizona for a week over the holidays.  Not sure how many EMS books I can fit in my carry-on luggage, but the blessed Kindle Fire grants me access to my course books at least.

And I'm sort-of dating again.
Just trying to stay sane.

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