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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home again - back to work and ambulances!

Well, back to reality.
Eight days in Arizona was a decent break, even if I did have to spend it with my family ;)

Still very little snow, and no calls as far as I know.

Just went to check on the ambulances, and only Effie is in the bay.  New ambulance is nowhere to be found - need to check in with The Pit Boss on that one. (Guess they managed to borrow the garage next door to get the new rig under cover - will check that out later).

Effie went in for warranty work a couple weeks ago, so it's good to have her back.  Did a quick check of supplies, popped a fresh bag of saline in the IV warmer, but other than that she looks good to go!

The search for a duffel bag for the c-spine supplies continues (goes with each backboard: adult & peds c-collar, head blocks, back raft, duct tape).  The bags we had were not great as I ripped the zipper off one the first time I opened it.  Also just a wee bit too small.  So I looked around and found what I thought would be the ideal bag.  Metal zips, heavy-duty cordura, but still at a decent price.  We bought one as a test, thankfully, as it was HUGE.  Chagrined by my lack of measuring skills, I went back to the old bag and found one that was just a bit bigger.  Arrived while I was on vacation, so I just got the chance to test load it.  Looks like a winner!
Heavy duty and the right size.  I'll offer a plug here for the folks at - they have EXCELLENT customer service and listened to my requirements and offered great suggestions.  I highly recommend them.

Still have hefty to-do lists.  We are back to EMT class on Monday with General Pharmacology, so I need to make the most of this week to get some tasks done.  Mr. Medic is back from vacation later this week, so will likely have his help.  Taylor is around as well, but pretty much everyone else is on vacation.


  • Wash
  • Apply striping and decals (just a big white box right now)
  • set up strap system for backboards
  • set up strap system for stair chair
  • mount wall holders for protocol books
  • mount glove holders (waiting on shipment)
  • draw supplies from stock
  • organize supplies
  • set up bins for supplies (when they are delivered)
  • label bins (about halfway done)
  • label ambulance (informational labels for radio, etc.)
  • set up 2 spare portable O2 bags
  • install trash can
  • set up spare portable suction (ambo manufacturer forgot to send the new one)
  • arrange forward compartment (waiting on extra shelf hardware from manufacturer)
  • set up manual BP
  • order duffel bags for c-spine supplies
  • measure bins we have for next order
  • measure backboard retention strap system to replicate for Effie


  • Wash
  • Wax
  • remove paint scratch (um, I'll tell that story later)
  • sew and install new backboard retention straps
  • Full inventory
  • White Board for the ambulance bay
THE BEAST (New Volunteer Ambulance):
  • Contact Tess at the volunteer squad to find out what's needed (still a lot of work to do, last I heard)
So off I go!
8 hour days at work, plus trying to get the house in order for the nephew & sister who return Friday, get work done on at least two of the ambulances, and try to get further ahead in EMS reading.

Another relaxing week.

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