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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What does distance-learning paramedic school cost?

Yep, you've always wondered, so here we go...
(All in US dollars)

$200 Non-refundable Application Fee
$1500 Non-refundable tuition deposit (to accept your seat in the class)
$6000 Tuition payment, due one week before class starts
$800 Distance clinical fee - due when clinical paperwork is signed

$70 Anatomy & Physiology book/self study class through the University of Texas
$500 Paramedic book package

~$2000 2 Week trip to Massachusetts for skills "boot camp"
~$1000 gas/incidentals to travel to clinical location - not sure exactly where this will be, but it's at least 100 miles from my home and I've got 500 hours to put in...

$110 NREMT Paramedic Exam
$500 Travel to NREMT Practical (probably will need to fly somewhere for this)

What am I forgetting?

Drum roll...

Total estimated cost: $12,680

I'm going to keep a running log of what I buy/spend money on for this, just in case anyone is interested.  Maybe I should track my hours spent as well.  Could be interesting.

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