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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Currently Reading...

I know you all have been just eagerly chewing your nails, wondering what the Ambulance Ranger has been reading, so here she goes:

Just finished Stephen King's The Wind Through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel (AKA Dark Tower 4.5) and LOVED it!  This was the first book I've ever pre-ordered as a Kindle book and it was well done.  Beautiful tale within a tale inside a story.  All I can say is, if you have never read the Dark Tower series, you truly have not lived.  In my continuing re-enjoyment of the series, Wolves of the Calla is next.

Since I'm starting paramedic school in (gulp) 5 weeks, I'm reading a lot of medicine:

Capnography, King of the ABC's: A Systematic Approach for Paramedics [Paperback]
Troy Valente (Author)  Found this book by accident - a very short tome on the pre-hospital use of capnography.  Looks decent, will review later.

And then there's the course books.
Anatomy & Physiology text arrived yesterday.

The Human Body in Health & Disease - 5e by Gary A. Thibodeau PhD and Kevin T. Patton PhD

This is a self-study course, through the University of Texas, where you do video lectures, quizzes, and exams online.  Supposed to be done concurrently with paramedic studies.  I am going to try to be a few chapters ahead.  Going to go ahead and order the study guide for this as well.

Still waiting for these:
Paramedic Practice Today, Volume 1 and 2 Rev. Reprint
Author Aehlert, Barbara J Edition 2011 ISBN 978-0-323-08539-

Pharmacology for the Prehospital Professional - With Dvd
Author Guy, Jeffrey S. Edition REV 11 ISBN 978-0-323-08519-9

Als-Entire Para Evolve (this is the online course component - quizzes & tests done through Elsevier's "Evolve" program)
Author Elsevier Edition 2012

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Study Guide
Author Aehlert, Barbara Edition 3RD 07 ISBN 978-0-323-04750-0

12-Lead ECG in Acute - Text and Pocket Ref.
Author Phalen, Tim Edition 3RD 11 ISBN 978-0-323-07785-9

ACLS Quick Review Study Guide
Author Aehlert, Barbara Edition 4TH 12 ISBN 978-0-323-08449-9

So here I go!  I'll be chronicling the journey here, in addition to the usual chaos of EMS in my life, so stay tuned!

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