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Thursday, September 13, 2012


I bet stupid ignorant underpriviledged people are really happy.

I could be living my life on unemployment/disability checks.

Subsidized housing.  A check every month.  Big screen TV, internet for gaming.  No medical insurance to pay for, free government cheese.  Pulling furniture out of dumpsters (which I do anyway).  Living off the largesse of society.  Spending my days watching whatever OC-Jersey Shore-MTV had to offer and loosing myself in the online world for my social interaction.  Free books at the library.  Public assistance.  I could do it.

Instead I drag myself out of bed everyday and push myself into a job that slowly drains the joy from my soul.  Spend my evenings and weekends on call with EMS just to feel normal.  Study when I scare up an hour or two.  Work on projects to improve a house and land I don't own.  Work hard to repay endless student loans for degrees that really weren't worth it.  Work harder to put myself through paramedic school, pay the bills for my extended family.

WTF am I doing?

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