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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun with books

So, we were supposed to order our books from Elsevier (publisher) in a package - cost around $500.

Paramedic Practice Today, Volume 1 and 2 Rev. Reprint
Author Aehlert, Barbara J Edition 2011 ISBN 978-0-323-08539-

Pharmacology for the Prehospital Professional - With Dvd
Author Guy, Jeffrey S. Edition REV 11 ISBN 978-0-323-08519-9

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Study Guide
Author Aehlert, Barbara Edition 3RD 07 ISBN 978-0-323-04750-0

12-Lead ECG in Acute - Text and Pocket Ref.
Author Phalen, Tim Edition 3RD 11 ISBN 978-0-323-07785-9

ACLS Quick Review Study Guide
Author Aehlert, Barbara Edition 4TH 12 ISBN 978-0-323-08449-9

I dutifully ordered them, though I already own the 12-lead book (figured I could give a copy away or sell it on Amazon)


2 weeks and the package is listed as "backordered" with no estimated date.  4 weeks until classes start.  Emailed my school - "Oh, didn't you get the email? There has been some recent publisher changes that has affected textbook purchasing. In this email you will find a list of textbooks required for the Paramedic Program. Textbooks may be purchased new or used from a vendor of your choice; Online, Amazon, Ebay, etc."


Original price of package deal: $491
Price for textbooks (new) on Amazon? $369
Oops, don't need that extra book!
Total cost for books, new: $312
Saving me $179, about 6 hours of overtime!

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