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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paramedic School - Week 5

I have been very bad in posting about my experience.  I will attempt to do better, but just getting through is all I can manage at times for now!
We blitzed through Introduction to EMS and Pathophysiology...the latter being still on my list of things to re-read.  We are moving forward into airway management and patient assessment, with a bit of a back-slide for an evening of Acid-Base.  Our instructor thought that we needed more time for that one (thankfully) so tomorrow night I can really try and wrap my head around things.
I am managing to maintain a decent average (around 93% at last glance) and it's been nice to have near real-time grading of assignments, quizzes, and exams.  The instructors are good so far - some much better than others - but it's nice to have a mix of folks with different backgrounds.
My plan of spending this weekend in intubation training has been scratched -- I have to go to a funeral out of state instead.  But I will pack my books along and do my best to get ahead caught up in the reading.
Is there, like, a book on tape that I can just play over and over to drill this stuff into my mind?  Making flash cards just seems like so last century...

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