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Friday, November 16, 2012

What is the BEST stethoscope?

Nice review page, and you can read it all if you like.  Meanwhile the final results (partially subjective) are:

Model Photo Price Score Rating
Littmann Cardiology III
Best Stethoscope
Littman Cardiology III Stethoscope  $160.00 32.9 1
Omron Sprague Rappaport
Best Buy
Omron Sprague Rapapport Stethoscope  $19.00 30.7 2
Littmann Master Classic II Littman Master Classic II Stethoscope  $87.95 29.5 3
Littmann Cardiology I Littman Cardiology I Stethoscope  Discontinued model 29.3 4
Littmann Classic II SE Littmann Classic II SE  $68.00 28.4 5
Welch Allyn Tycos Elite Welch Allen Tycos Elite Stethoscope  $136.00 26.6 6
Prestige Sprague Rappaport Stealth Prestige Sprague Rapapport Stethoscope  $26.50 23.9 7
ADC Platinum Cardiology 615 ADC Platinum Stehoscope 615 $43.13 23.8 8
Single Head Nursing Stethoscope Nurses Single Head  $6.78 23.3 9
ADC Adscope Professional 603 ADC Dual Head 603 $38.99 21.8 10
AllHeart Cardiology Allheart Cardiology Stethoscope $22.99 20.9 11
DRG Puretone Traditional PT3 DRG Traditional Stethoscope PT3  $79.98 17.3 12

Wow.  The second favorite is the $20 scope.  Really?  At least the one I got is in the top 3 (Littmann Master Classic II).  I will be looking at that Cardiology III, though.  I am not in love with the Master Classic.


  1. This is a great device! I found some more information on this website:

  2. I love the Littman Master Cardiology. This is the exact one that I have here: I've been a nurse for 4 years and working on a tele unit for the past two. Most of our cardiologists use the same one and ask to borrow mine when they leave theirs elsewhere. Just be sure you keep an eye on them until they give it back! I would avoid the cheap ones unless you lose thing easily. I hear so much clearer!