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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Posting less often than I should...

OK, so I followed the EMS Newbie through EMT and Paramedic School by way of their weekly podcasts and blog.
I have no freaking idea how they managed to make that work.  I cannot even get a weekly blog entry up!

Suffice it to say, things have been busy.  In the past four weeks I have:
Attended the funeral of one of the best people you have never heard of (my grandfather)
Gone on "vacation" to warmer climes to visit with the family and suffered through a horrid cold/flu/plague the entire trip
Managed to keep up with paramedic lectures
Managed to keep up with paramedic exams
Gotten behind in reading
Making progress in my A&P course
Helping with the winter EMT class here in the mountains
Done nothing to work on the EMS program (my little projects)
Done next to nothing on my Master's course work

At last check, I am holding about a 95% in paramedic school.  If there's one thing I wish, it's that I had a better work ethic to schedule more time to just do research on subjects.  We are racing through the material, the instructors are excellent, but I still need to spend more time at it.  Mr. Medic and I pulled out a few airway heads and began to put together my ALS airway kit.  (I suck at endotracheal intubation at the moment.)  Not just technique, but arm strength.  So adding my scheduled strength training to "the list"...

And as usual, work trudges merrily along.  Attempting to hit deadlines, deal with a computer crash and a new email system...

Bored yet with all the whining?  I am!

So what do I do?  Read more.  Find a comfortable study spot that is NOT my office NOR my bedroom.  I may have fallen asleep reading a time or two :-)  Figure out how to fit in more exercise, preferably outside.

And, as always, wait for that pager to go off.

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