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Monday, April 15, 2013

EMT Class Coming to a Close

They are doing well.
I think I now can understand how Mr. Medic felt with our EMR, then EMT classes.  In the beginning it's nothing but new, fun skills.  In the middle, pure frustration.  You know enough, but really not enough to be useful.  In the end, it's all about getting through clinicals and getting ready for the tests.  Class written, class practical, NREMT practical, then scheduling that computer-based adaptive NREMT final written.

We have broken the news to a few of them, that once they are done with that - then the real learning kicks into gear.  Mr. Medic keeps it all together with our weekly meetings - debrief calls of the week, work on skills, discuss protocols.

A select few have pagers already and have gone on a call or two.

With luck, we will pick up a few of the 11 students as crew, either for our service or the Village Volunteers.

I'm proud of their progress, and relieved another class is almost done.

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