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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching up - PALS, EVOC, and other acronyms

Survived Trauma section, somehow, and we have moved on to our "Special Populations" section, beginning with PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support).  I really need to study more, read more, memorize a lot more. 
Paramedic school is not simple and our instructors expect a lot from us all.  Guess I would be disappointed if the class were easy, but I'm still having trouble with basic concepts like the different receptors and their actions (alpha, beta, etc.).  And of course I need to re-do my drug cards once again.  Think I might just go ahead and type this version to save my hands from going numb.

Working through the online portion of EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operator Cert) class.  I nailed the practical portion.  Think I may have shocked my spotter, since it was way too much fun.  I may have driven a little faster than needed.  First time I have taken an official class and it was decent.  Don't really need 35 min presentation on seat belt use, but whatever.

Medically speaking, we have been pretty busy with a semi-major outbreak of Norovirus in our area.  Tourist spots are bad for this, and I ended up contracting it from patient #1 in our area.  N95 mask, gloves, and eye protection were worn, but I was coming off a cold and my defenses were down.  Also could have used some more sleep.  A miserable couple days of N/V/D for all involved.  Jump-started my weight loss program with a 1 week loss of 11 lbs, but I would not recommend it to anyone.
Now every N/V/D call is scrutinized, as it should be.

The weather is beautiful and I DO NOT want to be inside right now!  Ran over to assist with a patient for 20 mins and the boss gave me the stink eye as I took the page, so I did not go on the transport.  Yay. 
Have to do a better job of balancing my "real job" with the EMS, but I am finding I want to be doing EMS and EMS-related stuff about 90% of the time.  Just not sure how to make that happen at the moment without moving away from this place I love.

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