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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


In the process of setting goals, I've hit a big one.
If I make it through Paramedic "boot camp" in August, I get to go to EMS World Expo in Vegas (OK, the tickets are being bought, so I guess I go regardless...)

If I pass my NREMT-P and actually become a functioning paramedic, I'm going to RettMobil next year.

After watching a webcast about European ambulance innovations ( and my own personal study of how much better others do it than us, I'm really stoked to go.

As far as the ultimate excitement of the Federal Spec KKK-A-1822 for ambulances goes, word is they will be relaxing/getting rid of some of the more arcane aspects (?? anyone) soon, so we may be able to take advantage of exciting things such as ergonomics, ease of use, disinfection upgrades.  WHAT A CONCEPT!

So wish me luck as I finish the final (gulp) 6 weeks of class, 3 weeks of boot camp, 4 months of clinicals, and onward!

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