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Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekly roundup -- 06/06/2014 (Holey smokes, it's June already!)

Firstly, I need to send a shout-out to some of my favorite podcasts, NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!!!!  Yay.  No more weird 3rd party only when there's wireless listening!

Inside EMS -- Kelly Grayson and Chris Cebellero

New podcast on my radar -- EMS Leadership (more info on why this is a THING for me later, promise):

Video: NHS gets their new ambulances -- love those Sprinters!

FALTER mnemonic for calling a helicopter.  I know quite a few people who hit the "F" button:

Interesting, non-EMS, but on brainstorming and idea generation:

Zoll Summit 2014 - Community Paramedicine, Out-of-hospital Care, whatever you want to call it:

Just bought the ePub edition -- useful for explaining issues in the ambo?  Maybe.  Will review:

I would say a mobile stroke unit is cool, but it is so far beyond that:

Trusting your spidey-senses (well said):

another great article on teaching - how to answer the question "can we leave early..."

Motorcycle accidents, not just another MVA:

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