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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly EMS roundup - 06/21/2014

Plenty to read this week:


What are we, anyway?

Yet another EMS service says "No" to spinal restriction via long board - When will the rest of us catch up?

More on drug's become my big worry of late

I've tried to educate myself about the whole vaccine/autism connection.  And the evidence has convinced me.  VACCINATE YOUR KIDS, PLEASE!
How the immune system works:
How to evaluate information
How to read a scientific paper

I went to medic school with a guy from Hatzalah and joked that I could do a ride-along (they are all male, folks) now the Hasidic ladies have their own corps:

Telemedicine - so those big-city doctors can give their opinion without us actually having to be in the same room with them:

Learning and teaching - doing better

Inspiring story, makes me feel like a putz for complaining...

Sad news from Nebraska

Neato EMS tools
(haven't tried this one - anyone?)
Leatherman Raptor...because my old happy shears were dulling and retail therapy is a good thing:
(and yes, it's AWESOME!)

A little something for the firefighters:

And it will be interesting to see how this one turns out - sounds like a lawsuit in the making:

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