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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

EMS Roundup - July edition

Yes, I have been very busy.  No, that is no excuse for neglecting you so long, gentle reader.
My sincere apologies.
It's been quite a tough summer.  A few ups, too many downs, and trying to get all my paperwork in before I "time out" of my paramedic.  You see, I had a year from graduation to complete my clinicals.  With the nightmare of trying to secure my sites, delays, and general Bravo Sierra from the varying entities involved, it came down to this:
I finished my field internship 11 days before I timed out.
Now I'm studying for written, and trying to find a practical exam.

Here's some fun reading for y'all:

Incredible Emergency Medical Artwork (by Dan Sun, "Photo Art"):

CPAP/BiPAP preventing the need for intubation:

AHA does it for prehospital providers -- BLS for Prehospital Providers:

SURPRISE!  The US ranks last in healthcare study:

Hybrid ambulance/fire truck

Spotlighting the Code Green Campaign and the reality of not just toughing it out alone:

Laugh, cry, whatever:

Paramedic Chief - EMS Leadership Newsletter

STEMI stuff:
The STEMI song:

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