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Friday, April 13, 2012

EMT Class week 23 - Van departs, practice, and written test

First big shocker - Van our class coordinator got a nice job offer and had to leave earlier than anticipated.   We are all stoked for him, but none of us got to say good-bye :(

So Tess and Mr. Medic are back in the hot seat to get us through these last few weeks.

I don't think any of us really took too much to heart that we should have been studying for practicals all along.  This was a known entity, and we should have been preparing.  Really.  We all have our excuses.  Family, job, life, ahem, graduate school, all the usual suspects.  It's a good thing we built in a couple of practice sessions.

On to the test.  I would like to say I breezed through it, but 270 questions (!) is a lot for anyone to 'breeze  through'.  Floyd kicked my ass by a couple points and I will never live that down.  I did well.  Missed a few stupid points, but overall I'm good with it.  Everyone passed.

Since Van wasn't around, Tess decided to start class practicals right after the written.  I was done early so I got through Medical Assessment, C-Spine immobilization, and Cardiac Arrest.  Was nice to have those done and focus on getting through Trauma Assessment, BVM Apneic Patient, and "choose your own adventure" AKA long bone, joint, traction splint, OPA/Suction/NPA, bleeding/shock, O2 administration, or mouth to mask.

I miss Van, but it feels good nonetheless to be toward the end of EMT book work.  Time to get out into the real world, deal with protocols, and get the job done.  I hope!

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