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Thursday, April 26, 2012


It was not simple.  The questions were harder than I thought they would be.

It went too fast.  About 35 minutes.

It didn't seem like enough questions - I last looked on #55.

Then it ended.  Abruptly.  It was done.

I had plenty of time to ponder as I drove the hour and a half home.  Did I fail that miserably?  I didn't think so, but it didn't feel like a slam-dunk either.  By mile 50 I was convinced I'd failed and would have to pay, schedule another test, take another day off work, and drive another 150 mile round-trip to the testing center.  I had told a few people it was my test day, they would be surprised if I tanked it.  Mr. Medic knew, Taylor knew.  Crap.

With the EMR class last year, it took a couple of days to post.  How could I wait that long?
[And yes, I have heard the stories about "Back when I took my test we had to wait by the mailbox for weeks.  Walked to it three times a day in 6 feet of snow, uphill, both ways..."]
It doesn't make the waiting any easier, folks.

So, fingers trembling, I logged in on the off chance it had posted.

Examination Scored
Congratulations on passing the NREMT National EMS Certification cognitive examination

And there it is.  I passed.
Still waiting for the pshychomotor exam results to make it through the bureaucracy, but for now I'm done testing.

Time to start studying protocols.


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