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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ambulance Rehab - "Mellow Yellow"

The fact that this ambulance is striped in orange does not make a difference - her name shall be "Mellow Yellow"
She's a two-wheel drive, mid-nineties model who has seen better days.  When Mellow came to us, fresh out of "winter storage" - read: sitting out in the snow for 5 months - she needed serious love.  Every compartment was a mess, and filled with medical/non-medical items.  C-collars next to tire chains, vacuum splints in with the transmission fluid, etc.  I should have taken "before" photos on this one.

Mr. Medic wanted to re-finish the floors and through a little research, we found out that linoleum can be sanded see where this is going!  A palm sander, dust masks, and a shop vac were dredged out of my garage and we worked many hours.  The result?  One very nice looking floor!  Took about 10 years of grime off the surface and we followed that with three coats of polish.  Should work well for the next inhabitants.

Clean, sort, organize, toss, clean some more, re-organize...this rig is set up differently than the rest so a few exceptions to our standardization needed to be done.  But she's beautiful now.

Just a few "minor" issues left - no patient heat, not charging on shore power, then we can send her off to the Southwest district and bring in the next one!

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