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Thursday, May 24, 2012

'Mellow' update, call volume, and navigating certification

"Mellow Yellow" has been sent back to the Mountain District for some TLC from their expert mechanic - try as we could, Mr. Medic and I could not get the heat and power issues fixed.  Our ambulance is set up.  What do I do now that I don't have linoleum floors to sand down?

Calls have been sporadic at best - clusters on the weekends at either the Village Ambulance Service or ours.  A few "real" calls, though - chest pains, abdominal pains, shortness of breath.

I have been putting together a checklist - "how-to" guide - to get certified in our service and in the Village Ambulance service.  A good overview was lacking and I found out the method I had used was wrong!  So, I think we've got it nailed down.  Sent the final draft to Mr. Medic, the Pit Boss, and Tess for their review.

This example gives you an idea of the stupidity of national, state, and local certification:
(This is just for our little neck of the woods.  And only for EMT's.  This is relatively simple, compared to most!)

First Steps - Everyone
        Pass EMT Class
        Register with the National Register of EMT website and create “initial entry application”
        Pass NREMT Practical Exam
        Pass NREMT Written Exam (Cost: $70 online, credit card)
Our Service Certification
        Talk to the Pit Boss or Mr. Medic about joining the Our EMS crew – if you are not an employee, you will need to fill out volunteer paperwork
        Fill out the “EMS Credentialing Form” - contact Mr. Medic to initiate this process:
o   Bring copies of NREMT and current Healthcare Provider CPR cards
o   If you do not have a photo on file, you will have to get a digital picture taken
o   This process gets you input into the ePCR, and credentialed with the National EMS office
        Attend Our Service EMS Endorsement (10 hours)
        Schedule EMS orientation and ambulance driver training with Mr. Medic
        Attend weekly EMS training at Division Training Center, Mondays 7:00-8:30 pm
State EMT License
        State licensure is needed for those who volunteer with the Village Ambulance Service or any other provider in the state.
        Fill out Village Ambulance Service Application (Contact Tess for application)
        Provide 2 copies of NREMT and current Healthcare Provider CPR cards, one for VAS Application, one for State
        Perform a Self-Query of the National Practicioners Data Bank (Cost: $16 online, credit card)
o   You will need to fill out a form online, print two copies, have one notarized, and send the notarized copy to the data bank – be sure to check the box in your request to send a hard copy to your address.  DO NOT OPEN THIS COPY!  Include with your State Board of Medical Examiners EMT Application (next step)
        Fill out State Board of Medical Examiners EMT Application (Cost: $45 application fee)
        Attend EMS training at Village Ambulance Service,  2nd and 4th Mondays of each month 7:00-8:30 pm

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