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Monday, May 5, 2014

Sadness and Loss

There's sadness and loss in our professions.  We see it every day and we deal with it.  Some better than others.

Then there's personal sadness.  The loss that wrenches at your heart and catches in your throat when you dare to let your memories picture the person, the grief, the tears.

I grew up lucky.  Total tomboy, I would much rather be out playing in the dirt, riding bikes, playing legos than inside with the "ladies" being domestic.  I had a best friend, had the term been coined then I would have called him my "brother from another mother" because we did absolutely everything together.  His family took me on vacation with them, and they sculpted my life in ways I cannot even understand.  They are the reason I learned German, met the love of my life, moved to Germany, and to some extent they are why I am going down this road to Paramedicine.  His grandmother was my grandmother.  We grew up together.  Jay will always be my friend.

Jay and Gretchen married right out of high school and had two lovely daughters.  Both love soccer as much as their dad they are beautiful children.

Gracie Snider, 10, was killed on Saturday in a car accident on I-90 in Washington State, returning from a soccer match. 

Her 10-year old friend is in the ICU.

I haven't talked to Jay.  I don't know what to say.
So, for now, I am posting this at his sister's request.  Please help if you can.

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