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Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekly Roundup - 05/09/2014

Kelly Grayson -- My Hero:

Kelly & Chris' most recent podcast:

Joules & Amps and that whole electricity thing I just cannot wrap my mitts around:

Polio - it was never gone, and it's coming back:

Is your equipment neonate-friendly?  A baby with WPW, I would have needed a uniform change:

To nitro, or not -- EKG fun:

UAV's (aka "drones") used for safety.  Get used to it.
(I work with a remote sensing committee and this field is changing by the day...)

Bag of chips, Hershey bar, and an IV setup, please!  Modified vending machine for supply tracking:

Concussion or not?  App quantifies balance measurements for potential brain injury:

Wow.  And you think you work in a tough system?

Very powerful - Israeli Medic working to save the fallout in Syria:

Reality TV (my not-so-secret favorite genre) NY Med:

Assume you are on camera:

Nasal Cannula Pre-Oxygenation, putting the science to what Mr. Medic always taught us:

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