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Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Roundup 5/23/2014 Enjoy your long weekend after EMS WEEK!

...I will be standing by for calls!

Funny EMS un-words from Kelly Grayson:'t
(Kelly is on a roll this week)

Video - "The Build Behind the Ambulance"

Closed hospitals in rural areas turned into stand-alone ED's...not a bad idea?

Is it a stroke, or Bell's Palsy, or what?

A worthy cause:

I STILL have not taken the time to see this, but need/want to!

The double-edged sword of naloxone:

Moving patients -- bad habits we should all break:

I just had this patient (minus torsades)!

Preserving the crime scene at an MCI:

Pupils.  I've been interested in pupils this week:

This site looks AWESOME for review:

Dog imitates ambulance siren.  You know you have to watch:

Stand aside Doctor House, CrowdMed will solve the case:

DANGIT!!! This was my idea!  Well, mine was to put them in fitness centers...

EMS Supervision...not for everyone

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