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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday 1 Sept - EMSWorld Expo Day 2!

Day Two - Whew!
Spent the morning in sessions - then met Mr. Medic and the Pit Boss for some ambulance shopping.Two guys and a gal out shopping for a couple Type 1's and a very special Type 2 - one that is light enough to have tracks attached in place of the wheels to travel over groomed snow.  Of the four salesmen who we spoke with, two basically ignored me (one called me "hun") and only one seemed to realize that I had input into our agency's decision with which ambulance to go for.  I hate that crap.  I am not an idiot who is scared away from the modern conmbustion engine and distracted by pink, sparkly items.   Please just treat me the same as another potential customer.  Okay?
I am sold on the Sprinter (which I just found out Dodge is no longer a part of - just Mercedes and Freightliner now)  I love the way it looks, drives, feels after hard hours in the seat.  It's thoughtfully designed and a great rig.  One small problem.  Apparently, they don't have an all-wheel drive version for sale here in North America.  Europe?  You betcha.  They've got them going on over there.  But apparently they are not certified for the US and Canada.  Lame.
Regardless, I have a lot to say about ambulances.  I detest smarmy salespeople who treat the ladies like morons.  STOP IT!
OK, I'm done ranting now.

I have a few knocks for this place (Las Vegas Covention Center) - a few technical difficulties in sessions, bad internet (either extremely expensive or low quality), and no nap rooms :)
Can you tell I'm tired?

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