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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday - conference day 2 - Part 3

Not many folks at the podcast - probably 'cause everyone was jockying for position at the mass casualty.  All good though.  Got to meet the kilted twins - Ron & Kelly and was on the front row for their intro of the EMS Newbie essay contest winner.
The mass casualty went well, for what I could see from the ground level.  They really needed more bleachers so more of us could get up high to see the action.
Dinner was lovely - went to The Sea at Bally's - the Thai was excellent and I enjoyed myself despite the price.  Floyd, Taylor, and I ordered an appetizer and entree each.  They were awesome.  Mr. Medic and the Pit Boss joined us late and we had a great re-hash of the day.  Apparently I need to visit the SAM splint booth as well as the Stryker booth tomorrow.  And we're going ambulance shopping.  Lots of difficult choices as far as sessions go, but I'll probably use the same logic as today - go to one of the ones I'm interested in, but go for the shortest line.
Not even midnight and I'm back in the room.  Dang I'm being a good person this week!
Taylor is leaving in the morning 'cause she's gotta work on Friday, so I'm losing my 'wing man' and I'm bummed. Oh well.  Still have a couple days of conference to enjoy!

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