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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Currently reading...

Siren Voices

Spence's writing is ethereal.  Each post like a short story, but not necessarily neatly tied up in a bow.
And so wonderfully British.
Loving this.
And, as always, reading it from the beginning.  Finally up through 2008, and starting 2009.

A new section in the ever-favorite Emergency Care, 12th ed. - TRAUMA EMERGENCIES.  The trauma junkies in class are puffing out their chests at this one.  I, however, feel like I need to go back and repeat medical emergencies again.  And again.  Then maybe study more A&P.  Only 7 chapters in this section and we did one of those during medical (environmental emergencies) so fairly short.

Time is also getting short - TB tests for everyone the last week of February, then we're cleared for clinicals.

And for fun reading?  I'm digesting Australian paramedic Katherine Howell's books, beginning with "Frantic".
Liking it so far.

And just to draw out the epic Dark Tower series, I devoured Wizard & Glass once again.  At this point, my memory fades.  I've only read the last three books one time each.  I've lost count of the number of times I read the first four.  So on to Wolves of the Calla!

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