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Thursday, February 23, 2012

EMT Class week 17 - make-up class, end of trauma, and extrication day

For being a 'short' week due to the holiday, it sure seems long.

Monday Van held an extra class for those who needed to make up hours.  Ended up being the same old folks - Taylor, Floyd, me, and Ben the structural firefighter.  We did some chatting about recent runs, as it's been a busy few weeks for us, and then ran through trauma scenarios.  Taylor and I failed.  Miserably.

Don't really want to go into it, but basically I screwed up a couple of times - manually holding C-Spine (should have made the imaginary bystander do it), securing the head to the backboard before the torso, and a couple other issues.  Ugh.  Really thought I was going to be good at this but I'm sucking wind right now and it pisses me off.

Last night was the last night of the trauma section - Chest & Abdominal Trauma, and Multi-system Trauma.  We sped through it pretty fast and had some good discussion.  Upon arrival at the EMS Classroom/Storage room, it was surprisingly packed with people organizing.  Van, Mr. Medic, Mrs. Medic, the Pit Boss, and Fred were all sorting equipment, checking stock, etc.  I showed up an hour early to study - never seems to work out when I do that - and ended up helping a bit, and getting in the way more.  Everyone was tense.  The atmosphere fairly crackled with stress.  Found out later that one of our crews had been working a scene and was taking WAY too long.  This has been a recurring theme lately.  I'll hash that out in another post sometime.

Anyway, they all cleared out for class and Mr. Medic & Van tag-team taught.  We got a load of 'official' paperwork - TB testing next week, state paperwork for clinicals, etc.  We also discussed our Saturday extrication day schedule.  Structural fire is helping out and we will be cutting up a Chevy Blazer SUV.  Supposed to be snowing and cold, so looking forward to a very realistic training day!

Sparked by AD's article on, we will be practicing assisting with advanced airways in our weekly training (after EMT class finishes in April).  So lots going on here in our little world.

I'll try to remember to take lots of good pics on extrication day - wish us luck!

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