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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just let this week be over, please

I've had enough.  I'm saying when.
I mean, there have been busy weeks, but I've managed.
This week was brutal on a mental level, in the way for which finals and last minute deadlines have not prepared me.

 I'm an introvert and proud of it.  I get along with people, generally get along with groups, I have little problem with public speaking, it's just that I gather my personal strength by spending time alone.  Groups drain me.

I'm exhausted.  (Trauma is going OK so far, and I'm caught up on EMT reading.)  But I'm helping teach this class in employee-driven safety and one of the instructors had to bag out at the last minute.  I had to prepare a decent presentation and go through material I wasn't intimate with.  In not enough time.  That was yesterday.  Then EMT class, attempting to prep for today's lessons but falling asleep in the book.  Then I spent this morning (6-8 am) reviewing the sections I usually teach, and spent from 8-12 teaching it.  This is not my strong suit (neither is getting up early in the morning). I believe in this safety program, but there is just so much information you have to cram down people's throats that it's hard to make it all entertaining.  I feel like I failed today.

And since I was woken up by a sick dog at 2 am and did not get back to sleep, I know start doing my "regular" job without a break for 12 hours.  I'm so useless right now it's ridiculous.  And I didn't do any good today.

Quite the feeling.

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