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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EMT Class week 19 - TB tests and OB/Gyn-Peds-Geriatrics Exam

Too much going on.  Seems like class has sped up once again and we are racing to the end.  Hundreds of pages of reading to get through - all quite dense.

TB tests were uneventful - we all got poked by a nice nurse from the clinic Monday tests were read Wednesday, and our paperwork was signed.  Now Van can get us signed up at the hospital ED for clinicals.

We once again just scraped the surface of caring for emergencies with special populations.  I need to know more.  At this point, though, I've just resigned myself to getting through the testing.  There is so much in the book I disagree with and even our instructors have changed from the fun real-world enthusiasm to saying things like "Well, the written exams will want you to know what the book says, so..."

I'm making a conscious effort in class to keep my mouth shut.  Not speak up and give answers.  Apparently my forward attitude and inability to shut up is detrimental to the rest of the class.  They won't speak up or take control - call me arrogant, but is that really my problem?
So I'm playing nice.  Trouble is, I'm just not interested when I'm not engaged.  I end up looking up medical info on my tablet, or playing the Speed Anatomy app (which, btw, is incredibly fun).  So class is no longer that fun for me.  It used to be the highlight of my week.  Now, I'm just getting through it. I read my chapters, dutifully study the objectives, and try to feign interest even though I'm not participating.

Guess maybe I'm just down this week.

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