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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EMT Class week 21 - Testing and review

We had our last regular written test on module 7 - ambulance operations.  I passed.  That's all I'm going to say.  I'm not the top person in the class by any means, but most of the questions drive me insane anyway so I'm just going to live with that for now.
After the test, on to stations.  We're practicing for practical exams now and I have to say that the first night panicked me a bit.  I'd been so focused on the written exams I had not been studying the practicals.  Blergh.  We have 4 tests to take.  Written class exam, practical class exam, practical NREMT exam, then written NREMT.  I don't have much stress about the written.  I'm re-reading the book, around 100 pages each night, so some of the old stuff will freshen up my mind.  Practicals are another story.

To pass the class, we need to get checked off on all of them.  On NREMT practical day, there are six stations.

We need to do all of these:
Trauma Assessment
Medical Assessment
CPR with AED
BVM apneic patient
Spinal Restriction (supine or seated - aka long board or KED)

Then we pick a card to get one of the following:
Splinting - Long Bone
Splinting - Joint
Splinting - Traction
Mouth-to-mask ventilation
Supplemental O2
Bleeding & Shock

I can do this.  I can do this.  I will not freak myself out about it.  I will be a good EMT dammit.

Van is holding extra review sessions this week and I think I'm going to partake.

Taylor and I are spending the day in the ED on Sunday.  From others' who have already gone, it's pretty tough.  Basically a day spent doing vitals.  Nobody wants you there.  They see you as an annoyance.  Super!

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