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Monday, March 5, 2012

EMT Class week 18 - Trauma exam and OB-Gyn

Well, after extrication day we were all pretty wasted, but excited to keep moving forward.  Seems like class is speeding up at this point.  Just two very short modules left - Special Populations & Operations - so two exams, three nights of practice, then final written, final practical, NREMT written, and clinicals.  Too much, too fast!

We started off the week with our Trauma section exam.  It went fine.  I didn't fail, but didn't do as well as I wanted either.  I think I scored an 88%.  At this point I just want to get through the "book learning" and move on to studying our protocols.  The real way we work and not the 5-year old textbook interpretation. To learn how to assist with intubation, IV starts, and generally be a better EMT.
We spent the rest of the night taking vitals - just working on getting better at it.  We have a matrix of every person in the class and have to get their vitals at least once.  This way everyone is forced to practice at least a dozen times throughout the class.

We got a much more graphic look at childbirth in EMT class than we did in EMR class - more photos and fewer drawings.  Nothing like skimming through the chapter to find an explosive wave of amniotic fluid!  Anyway, we had the same instructor (nurse from the local clinic) and he did an excellent job.

Up next: Geriatrics, skills lab on special populations, and exam!

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