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Saturday, March 17, 2012

EMT Class week 20 - Operations

We are winding up with the book work with the last 4 chapters: Ambulance Operations, Gaining Access & Highway Safety, Hazardous Materials, and Terrorism.

A lot to cover.  We hit another milestone as well when someone in class asked, "What page was that on?"  "One thousand forty-nine."  Holy frijoles.  End of The Book.  I will be extremely excited when I no longer have to lug that brick of a book around any longer.  Terrorism chapter was crazy long, and a load of new acronyms like CBRNE, TRACEM-P, OTTO, SLUDGEM, etc.  But the chapter was informative and had a ton more info on biological agents like Anthrax, Q Fever, Tularemia, Plague, and more.  Disease has always interested me, in fact I was looking at doing my Masters thesis in Spatial Epidemiology...

Great guest lecturers - the Deputy Fire Chief, an EMT/EMD, Tess, and Mr. Medic.  Some good discussion as well.  Test on Monday, then 4 more classes of review to prep for our finals.  Final class written comes next, then final class practical.  Then we do the NREMT practical.  Provided we pass all that, we schedule our NREMT written at the university testing center.  All this in the next 4 weeks.  (Not to mention I just began a new semester of graduate classes...)  EEEK!

Better news: clinicals are booked.  Taylor and I are headed for the "big city" ED for a ten hour shift on April Fool's day.  Should be an interesting day.

So, tons of study, revision, practice over the next four weeks.
I cannot wait!

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