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Monday, August 22, 2011

Code 3 for the boo-boo...

There's one good thing about being so dang far from a real hospital.  We don't get many of the fluffy calls of the big cities.  When people call 911 here, they are looking at spending about 2 hours in the company of a Law Enforcement Officer - Paramedic.  This seems to dissuade most of the crackpot callers.

Until last night, that is.  The Village Volunteers get called out at 10 pm on a "lower arm laceration" call at one of the local motels.  This motel has seen a few stabbings in the past, so we are on top of things.  A crew of 5 volunteers rush to the station, grab the ambulance, and move quickly.  Sam even backs up the rig to the entrance for an easy load.  By the time I got on scene (I'm 15 minutes out of town on a good day), Sam is in the back of the rig, looking at the band-aids.  "I don't think we have a small enough bandage for her boo-boo."  Seriously?  Russian female in her 60's bumped her arm in the room, family called 911.  Really?  Yup.

Turns out the family has been a headache to the motel - trying to get them to comp rooms, etc.  Don't know if this is another ploy, but you just dragged six great people out of bed and their homes, put them on the road in the dark, all so you could get a band-aid.  Congratulations.

Read the Welsh Viking's commentary here, if you have time:

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