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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday - EMS World Expo - day 1

I slept thru the alarm this morning - I blame it on last night's awesome sushi.  And no, we were good and made it to bed relatively early.  Taylor and I are sitting in the food court area and I'm attempting to touch-type on this tiny keyboard, so please forgive the typos.  The place is awash in EMS peeps - it's awesome!  We're attempting to connect to any wireless network that doesn't charge $5 per hour for access and we are just hoping the social network lounge will be free.  Could not for the life of me find my stupid air card before I left home, so we're at the mercy of public networks...
Keeping an eye out for our bloggers in kilts - HappyMedic, AD, EMS Newbie, etc. but with the bagpipers floating around there's a lot of sporrin action on the convention floor.
The rest of our guys (Mr. Medic, the Pit Boss, and Floyd) are at the keynote - the place was so packed we couldn't even approach.  Bummer.
So we're holding down a table and doing some serious people-watching.  Strange just being in such a large group of folks, not really knowing any of them.  The social network revolution, or evolution has made us more friendly but also more anonymous.  Its hard for me to not want to go talk to some of my favorite bloggers - I feel I know some of them pretty dang well, but we've never met!  So forgive me if you get a heartfelt handshake from a gal you dont know!
Just ten more minutes until the vendor area opens - I have definite goals (check out a ton of ambulances, meet with the Pearson textbook rep, spend a ton of time in the social media lounge, find the person selling "RipShears", play with a lot of equipment, gather the swag...) that AND I actually have somewhat of a schedule for this afternon triage, ECG's, Trauma and emergency driving.  It's gonna be a great afternoon.
Bryan Bledsoe's talk is starting off well.  Supposed to be pretty controversial, but loving it so far.  OK, a bit dry with the statistical analyses, but hey - evidence-based EMS is where we are, right?
Tried to get into another class but settled on the one on my list with the least line (yup, you get to line up for each session and get your badge scanned.)  Stupidly slow, really.
Anyway, I'm in EKG's Made Easy by Larry Macy (from Rock Springs, WY) and scored my good seat with a table from the last session, so I'm OK.  Apparently we "become" the heart in this session...and it was great!  Kept hte energy and interest level of the audience up really well and gave us a great visual cue for 12+ of the rythms.  Really nice.
Dang netbook battery is down to 30% so I will have to charge up soon - somewhere.
Confessions of an EMS Newbie podcast live in 20 mins, so I'm literally blogging from the floor of the conference at the Pysio Control Social Media Lounge (there's power here)
Mass Casualty Incident at 1815, so I should have a few minutes to hit the vendor area again.  Glad I get to stay through the entire conference (Friday). I think it will be much less busy then. (?)

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