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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Currently reading...

Rescuing Providence blog (the book was great)

As was noted before, I am unable to read a blog without going back to the beginning.  Currently I am on page 75 of Morse's blog.  Just this girl's opinion, but I think it's a fantastic piece of work.

Am, in addition, re-reading my favorite books of all time - Stephen King's Dark Tower series.
I can still recall reading the first one - The Gunslinger.  Had the book for over a year and couldn't seem to get into it.  After a few false starts, the stars aligned one rainy Saturday afternoon and I devoured it.  And read the next two books as well.  Waited months for the next volume, and many years for those after that.

I blame my failing memory, but in reality there is satisfying pleasure in opening the pages of an old friend and re-reading the same story again.  Like snuggling under that faded down comforter you cannot bear to get rid of.

Somehow I've never been able to get into King's full novels (Tommyknockers, The Stand, Cujo, etc.)  The novellas and short stories (and Roland's world), though, I read those with relish.  Seems they meld quite well with my life in EMS.
Ka is a f**king wheel, say true.


  1. Great taste! Thanks for the props, much appreciated.

  2. "There are other worlds than these, says Jake to the Gunslinger." Or something like that, Stephen King books are little treasures once you find the right mood.

  3. Thanks for stopping by MM! I am now thoroughly caught up on your blog and enjoy every post. Nice to know at least one person out there has found this tiny corner of the web. Hard to write in a vacuum as you know.

  4. I can't believe you read the whole blog, that is quite a compliment, thank you! It definitely has its ups and downs. The best way to get people here is to visit their blogs and drop a comment or two if it moves you to do so, sincerity is key, and people will come around. It worked for me. I linked here last week, great work so far!