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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

vegas day one

After a LONG day of travel (our flight was 5.5 hours late) we finally arrived in the sparkly city in the desert - the one that really shouldn't be here.  I love it. I love Vegas BECAUSE it's so wrong.Maybe it's the geographer in me, but this place is just too much to absorb.
Anyway, just spent the evening (ahem...morning...) with fruity drinks, too much tequila, slot machines, and chatting with a guy named Bill from Wenatchee. Long story short, I got to sleep around 0500 and up around 0900 for breakfast - still a bit tipsy.  God I luv Vegas.
Our EMS director met us for breakfast and we decided to go check out the conference site. one monorail stop later we emerged into the heat and walked to the convention center.  The site is huge.  We got a quick peek into the vendor area - we could spend the entire three days there, I think.
We toured around a bit more - mostly along the monorail line - and saw the MGM lions sleeping, a baby lion being burped, poked around NY NY a bit, and split up for the afternoon.  Floyd and Taylor went to a Cirque show, the "Pit Boss" (our EMS director) and Mr. Medic went to meet up with an old friend who works down here, and I headed back to the hotel - ostensibly for a nap.  Instead I spent the afternoon and evening going through the conference schedule and watching some network TV.  Sushi for dinner, lost some cash on the craps table, and now hitting the hay - 0815 start tomorrow!
I'm getting stoked.  It's just after midnight and I can't wait to see the action.  Funny, I've never been as excited about a GIS conference...

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