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Friday, January 13, 2012

Currently reading...
In my eminently anal-retentive way, I am starting this one from the beginning.  Thankfully CCC has not been posting long!  I am enjoying the writing and content, so I'm sure this will become a daily read for me.

Raw Art Journaling [Kindle Edition]
This is my first Kindle book purchase for my new-ish Kindle Fire.  So far not too impressed.  By saving $6 over the paper book I have gotten: bad formatting (lists are all garbled) and the inability to re-sell or give away the book when I'm done with it.  E-books and e-readers are handy, but I likes my paper!

Taking a break from The Dark Tower as of late, and trying to focus on EMT class.  Good thing is, I know Roland and the rest of the ka-tet will always wait for me...

We have moved on to section 4-Medical Emergencies (chapters 18-26) of Emergency Care (12th Edition) [Paperback].  Guess I didn't really think that EMT class was going to be so much material, since I have met some people who qualify as EMT's that I wouldn't want touching me.  Guess there's a difference between a good EMT and one who squeaked by...

And with that in mind, I am currently reading through and attempting to digest The Only EKG Book You'll Ever Need (Thaler) [Paperback].  This has been the best EKG book I have found.  Easy for me to work through and reference.

And in case this looks like an Amazon ad, it's not.  That's just where I do most of my shopping.

Michael Morse's new book Responding is next on my purchase list (next payday for sure!).  I enjoyed Rescuing Providence so much, love his blog, and can't wait to dig in for a read!


  1. Enjoying your stuff here... keep it up :-)

  2. Thanks! Nice to know that somebody other than me is enjoying this blog.

  3. I'd suggest Garcia and Holtz The Art of Interpretation (for both 12-Leads and Arrhythmias).

    Also Samuel Galvagno's Emergency Pathophysiology: Clinical Applications for Prehospital Care. Short but a wonderful book packed with patho knowledge.