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Monday, January 23, 2012

EMT Class week 12 - Diabetic Emergencies, Altered Mental Status, and Allergies

It was a short week, in the sense that it was only a 4-day work week and we only had 1 EMT class on Wednesday, but it honestly felt like one of the longest weeks ever.

Spent over ten hours working on ambulances this week - Mr. Medic is continuing to add the striping to the new rig (yep, we have to do our own decals, folks, can't be paying someone else to do it!)  I did a full inventory check on the new rig to see what else we need to order, and emailed the list to the Pit Boss (our EMS Director).  Seems I was a bit premature with my list since our new portable suction, glove box holders, and utility bins arrived on Tuesday!
Man, set me loose with a label maker and bins and you got yourself a party!
We had cannibalized the ambulance bay to outfit the new rig with bins, so I got to work re-organizing the stock.  Mr. Medic worked on the glove boxes, some more striping (I seem to get in the way with the striping, so I try not to "help" too much), and we installed the new backboard straps I had sewn.  The original ones were a sad first try, and once I'd finished the nice ones for the new rig I decided to sew fresh ones for our rig as well.  They look pretty nice.

Wednesday night class was classic fun - lecture, playing with trainer epi-pens, joshing around by the usual crowd.  Got to stab & bleed Taylor for a blood glucose and she got to stab me right back.  We both took way too much pleasure in that lol.  A ton of material to get through in 2.5 hours, but a great set of lectures by our local husband & wife EMT team, Mr. & Mrs. Stone.

Thursday was fine until the afternoon.  Had a meeting with the Chief of our division about safety, did some real work, did an avalanche safety session over lunch, got back in the office and sat back down to work.  Fine, right?  Well, fine until I did "something" to my neck.  Just sitting at the computer, wanted to crack the window so I swung right with my head and arm rather quickly.  Heard a "pop" and felt the pain.  Oh the pain.  Couldn't raise my chin up high enough to see the computer screen.  Couldn't stretch out my right hand to hold the mouse.  Popped a couple of Ibuprofen and hoped that would ease things.  Not so much.  Ended up going home and sleeping it off with the aid of western medicine.  (And no, no numbness, tingling, or parethesia).  Going to see the doc this week so hopefully they can check it out.  Can't wait to see what I've done to myself this time.

Anyway, on to week 13.  Four chapters this week: Poisoning/Overdose, Environmental Emergencies, Behavioral Emergencies, and Abdominal/Renal Emergencies.  Busy week and a lot to cover.  Next week we have skills lab and test, so lots of studying to do this weekend!

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