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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

EMT Class week 11 - Cardiac Emergencies

So Mr. Medic led us through a week of cardiac fun - it really makes a difference when the instructor is engaged and excited about what they do.  And on that subject, I was reminded of how lucky we are to have such a great EMT class.  Instructors from throughout the park who are offering up their time to teach us this subject matter.  They patiently answer our newbie questions and correct our form.  This class (and working on ambulances) is keeping me going right now.

My "real" job is less than satisfying and I'm wondering why the hell I continue doing it.  I'm awesome at what I do, but there's no joy in maintaining spatial databases.  Seems empty.  Topic for another day.

Back to cardiac emergencies - Mr. Medic commented that his EMT class did not go into any of the rhythm disturbances or really into anything cardiac at all besides basic CPR [the smart ass I am, I blurted out "Did they have EKG's back then?"  Yep.  I'm going to hell...]
I loved every minute of it.
I'm focused on getting through EMT class and getting more time on the street right now, but the possibility of going to medic school is out there.  Like a bright pinpoint of light floating on the edge of my peripheral vision.  It's there.

And on to week 12!  What's coming up?  Diabetes, Altered Mental Status, and Allergies. Wahoo!

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