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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The end is (too) near!

So I had a minor panic attack yesterday.

I was setting up my 2012 calendar.

Now, for as much of a tech-junkie as I am (the kit I take EVERYWHERE contains: Kindle Fire tablet, iPod Touch with med apps & podcasts, iPod Classic for music, Bose headphones, wifi hotspot, solar power pack, iPod external battery, and all chargers/cables for said devices)
BUT I am a Luddite when it comes to calendars.

There's something very visceral about writing down a task then crossing it off.  I love that.  I'm a constant list-maker.

So when the new year arrives, I'm off to the nearest office supply store to find the perfect calendar.  Must be indexed by month, prefer spiral bound, not a ton of extra pages I will need to rip out, and at least letter sized so I can slip important papers in it.  These usually run around $20.

Then the fun begins.  I go through the calendar and mark out the holidays, pay days, and birthdays.  I use different color pens and pencils for this.  Then I go through last year's calendar to make sure nothing slips through.  It's total overkill and I enjoy it.  I get to review last year and see what this year is going to look like.  When are the holidays - oooh!  should I book a vacation for that long weekend?  See?  Fun!

But then I started adding in our remaining EMT classes.  That's where the panic set in.
24 weeks of class
41 night classes
1 extrication day
7 written exams
1 class written final
1 class practical final
1 NREMT practical
1 NREMT written
Clinicals @ ED and another Ambulance Service

9 weeks of class
16 night classes
3 written exams

I start to add all of the EMT classes, study sessions, reviews, and tests to my new calendar.
BP rises.  Flushed.  Tachycardic.
Maybe it was the fact that we had a few weeks' break and now it's just class, class, and more class until the final?  I don't know.  We are just over one-third of the way done and I feel sick.
I have do do this, and do it well.  I want to be a good EMT.  Hell, I want to be one of the best.
I know I can do this well.
So why am I so freaked out?

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