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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Currently Reading...

The Burned Out Medic
I like the writing style on this one.  Should be a fun read.

Also reading:
Emergency Care, 12th ed. Chapters 10-17
(getting ready for the big exam the first week of December)

Rescue: a novel
by Shreve, Anita.
I don't read novels much, but this one was quite good.  Paramedic and alcoholic wife have daughter after one-night-stand.  Enjoyable.

The flame trees of Thika : memories of an African childhood  
by Huxley, Elspeth Joscelin Grant, 1907-1997.
Huxley's imagery takes me right back to East Africa.  I need to read more of her work.

Scent of the missing : love and partnership with a search-and-rescue dog  
by Charleson, Susannah.
Just started this one - maybe will sate my desire to train working dogs (or fuel it further?).  Alas, I'm stuck with a doorstop of a bulldog at this time...

...and in my continuing quest to work my way through King's The Dark Tower series:
The Waste Lands
Probably my favorite book in the series.  Jake loses his mind, returns, gets snatched in Lud, and the Ka-Tet meets with a psychotic monorail.
Really, does it get better than that?

Sounds like I'm reading a bunch, but hey, it's early winter, the weather is crappy, I've been home sick a few days, and call volume is low.

Stay safe out there.

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