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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

EMT Class week 6 - Patient Assessment

That's really all I can say at the moment.
The nephew and I have both been sick for a few days - just had to go pick him up from school due to his level of exhaustion (although he seemed to perk up when I mentioned that his copy of Modern Warfare 3 had just been delivered.  Figure that one out.)
I was so ill on Monday that I missed class.  Didn't make it to CPR instructor class on Tuesday either.  Managed to drag my sorry butt into work today to wade through emails and get caught up.  Just a total failure of a week.
So I missed out on Initial Assessment, Baseline Vitals, and SAMPLE.  Blergh.  Will have to have Taylor get me caught up tonight if possible.  We have just enough hours to get our class done (plus some extra study hours on weekends) so I have to make up the 2.5 hours I missed on Monday.  Somehow.

Still need to review chapters 10-13, study (I prefer the British term "swatting" for some reason), and practice, practice, practice.

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