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Monday, November 7, 2011

EMT Class week #5 - Second Exam and Beginning Patient Assessment

EMT Class is harder than I thought.  I say that because I have met people who have been through it (the watch saleswoman at Walmart who said she 'used to be an EMT' etc.)
Call me pompous, but I figured I could handle it with ease.  I'm a GIS Specialist with 2.9 Bachelor's degrees, Masters candidate, I figure I'm pretty smart, so EMT class should be a breeze, right?


Time is my enemy.

These next two weeks, for instance, I'm doing the following: taking care of my 12 year old nephew (attending a parent-teacher conference, not to mention keeping a snarly pre-teen alive for 14 days), reading and studying for airway practical and theoretical exams (tonight), prepping to teach two modules of a safety course on Wednesday, spending 8 hours watching a video for my instructor-level CPR class next Tuesday, reading and studying patient assessment, finishing my term paper in advanced GIS, trying to sneak in a few hours to hunt for deer and elk, work 8 hours a day, and try not to lose my mind.

Yep, I'm whining.

OK.  Gotta bust this up and try to manage my time.

Van is opening the lab at 4 so we can practice airway practicals.  Gotta get my work done and jump out of here early if possible to feed the kid, study, and practice.
Do the test tonight, read the safety materials I need to teach after class.
Put the CPR DVD away until Friday.
Deal with tomorrow, tomorrow...

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